Restaurant & Food Service Industry Web Accessibility Lawsuits on the Rise

What You Need to Know

  • McDonald's, Five Guys, and Grubhub have all received ADA-related Web Accessibility lawsuits over the last several months
  • Five Guys submitted a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and it was denied by a District Court Judge

Claiming Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III Violations, various Web Accessibility lawsuits have been filed against leading Restaurant and Food Industry brands.

In April, a law firm in California joined forces with Ohio Attorney General to file a federal suit against the McDonald’s restaurant chain alleging violations stemming from ADA Title III and California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act (UCRA). Check out this informative video from NBC Chicago:

Video - NBC Chicago - McDonalds, Grubhub Websites Not Accessible to the Blind: Suits

Earlier in the year, Five Guys was served with a similar lawsuit and after filing a motion to dismiss, the United States District Court of New York's Southern District denied the defendant's motion, stating that, "accepting [the] plaintiff’s factual allegations as true, defendant has denied plaintiff a full and equal opportunity to enjoy the services it provides through its website." Read the District Court's Full Response to Five Guy's Motion to Dismiss

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Lastly, in July, online food delivery service Grubhub Inc. (and its parent company) were hit with a Title III discrimination suit alleging the service's website and mobile application are inaccessible to the blind and others with vision impairments.

As each of these Title III complaints follow the landmark trial ruling in June, whereby the First Federal Court found retailer Winn-Dixie liable under Title III of the ADA for having an inaccessible website, AudioEye will be sure to follow the progress of these lawsuits and will provide updates via the nClusion Blog. Stay tuned!


McDonalds, Grubhub Websites Not Accessible to the Blind: Suits

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